Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vote Pat Roggensack

Vote Pat Roggensack for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Dear Friend,

With my nearly 17 years of work as a judge in the courts of Wisconsin, I understand that the number one job of a judge is to apply the law, fairly and impartially to all who come before the court. I have great respect for the rule of law and the separate responsibilities of the three branches of government.

I am asking for your vote on February 19th for Supreme Court justice because the people of Wisconsin deserve a justice who has the extensive experience that I bring to the bench. While my opponents have no judicial experience at all, I know what is required of a judge because I have done the work myself.

I also have broad bipartisan support from the law enforcement community as well as state-wide support among judges. For example, I am endorsed by 53 Sheriffs from across the state, 24 District Attorneys, the Milwaukee Police Association and the Milwaukee Police Supervisors' Organization. 126 judges throughout the state of Wisconsin also have endorsed my efforts to be re-elected, as have four retired Supreme Court Justices.

I hope I have earned your vote for Wisconsin Supreme Court this Tuesday, February 19th.

Justice Pat Roggensack
Wisconsin Supreme Court

PS Please click here to see why experience is crucial to doing the job of a Supreme Court Justice.
Leftist candidates Ed Fallone and Vince Megna have ZERO judicial experience.

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