Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jason Biggs and Pope Francis

Jason Biggs is an actor, perhaps best known for the American Pie movies, which means he's not very well known.

Because of the exposure he's received for his recent vile tweets, he's probably now known to many more people. He's known as being classless, a hater, a coward.

Thanks, Twitter!

Biggs mocks Pope Francis and the Church for the washing of feet, a Holy Thursday ritual. He also mocks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He has no problem spewing hate during Holy Week.

When did this sort of stuff become no big deal?

There was a time such behavior would have been career suicide.

Not anymore.

We're expected to tolerate the intolerant.

Here are Biggs' tweets:

Biggs personifies Hollywood. These sort of comments are what they celebrate. They embrace this ugly stuff, while being quick to condemn the behavior of others if it doesn't support their Leftist perspective.

I don't understand why so many Americans don't mind that.


jimspice said...

"Biggs personifies Hollywood."

No, there are some good Catholic actors. Like, um, Mel Gibson?

Mary said...

Mel Gibson doesn't personify Hollywood. He's hardly been embraced. He's been trashed by Hollywood Leftists. Moreover, those rare Hollywood conservatives certainly don't support his bigoted rants and outbursts.

No comment on Biggs. You're cool with his offensive, intolerant remarks?

jimspice said...

Nah, he does that to everyone. Not my style. So what's your opinion on the Pope washing a Muslim woman's feet?

Mary said...

Biggs does that to everyone? (Pope Francis isn't exactly "everyone.")

If that's true and Biggs says vile things about "everyone," that's still no reason to fail to voice disapproval.

That's precisely the problem. Thanks for illustrating my point.

My "opinion" on the Pope's actions?

I know there's a lot of chatter and alleged uproar about it. All that is rather odd.

The Holy Thursday ritual of washing feet is nothing new. It happens all over the world.

Priests wash the feet of women as part of the Holy Thursday service. It happens at my church.

Also, the Church routinely reaches out to people of other faiths. What Pope Francis did doesn't surprise me in the least.

jimspice said...

Well, using your logic, I shall take your lack of surprise as whole hearted support.

Mary said...

Still not willing to call out Biggs.

That's pretty sick. You're a parent, right?

I know you believe there is no God, but surely you must teach your kids some morals, some notion of right and wrong beyond what the government delineates in the law. You know, like it's good to be kind. Kindess is a good choice, that sort of thing.

To be clear, I most definitely do support what Pope Francis did. I went into some detail about the Holy Thursday practice to explain to those unfamiliar with it as well as to show how bizarre it is to make an issue out of what Pope Francis did. I didn't mean to be vague. I thought I had sufficiently expressed my support for him. Apparently not.

Anonymous said...

We have to put up with westboro baptist Church, you have to put up with Jason biggs who is at best a c grade actor with one claim to fame (putting his engorged genitals in a pie)

I think you got off easy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not like Biggs ever helped protect child rapists. Why is everyone more tolerant of child rape than a couple crappy tweets?

Mary said...


That's a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

It's because most Americans can actually think for themselves; as opposed to blindly following a whole slew of outdated, inappropriate nonsense.

Solid Snake said...

If only that were true and not the direct opposite.