Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Joe Voiland For Judge

Judge Tom Wolfgram chose to toss his political impartiality out and joined the fray to oust Governor Scott Walker. He signed the recall petition, clearly engaging in a very public political act.

Why is this problematic?

Why vote for challenger Joe Voiland?

Voiland explains:

The Separation of Powers is central to our republic. The legislature makes the law. Our judges enforce it.

But here in Wisconsin, we have seen a concerted effort to undermine the Separation of Powers. Time after time, our state court judges have blocked legitimate acts of the Wisconsin Legislature.

Ozaukee County Judge Tom Wolfgram crossed the line into politics and publicly supported the effort to recall Governor Scott Walker.

Judge Wolfgram now claims in the liberal Ozaukee Press that publicly supporting the recall was nothing “political.”

Judge Wolfgram’s claim that the recall was not political is “not just hogwash, it’s transparently misleading hogwash. Petitions in any instance are political acts intended to force a question of some sort on a larger scale. In this case, it’s even more explicitly political, as the petitions want to use the political process to negate an election,” as one writer notes.

I am challenging Judge Wolfgram in the April 2nd Election.
I am thankful that Joe Voiland is challenging Wolfgram, giving Ozaukee County residents a choice.

The incumbent judge has revealed that he has terrible judgment. And then when confronted with the facts and his failure to remain impartial, publicly stating his opposition to Gov. Walker, supporting the recall, Wolfgram came up with excuses that were remarkably poor.

Given how badly Wolfgram has handled the matter, I wonder if those in the old boy network in Ozaukee County publicly endorsing Wolfgram realize that they're taking a risk. Their association with Wolfgram reflects poorly on them.

True, some may have given Wolfgram their endorsement before learning that Judge Wolfgram actually signed the petition to recall Gov. Walker. Have any withdrawn their endorsements? It's something they should consider.

Read Wolfgram's appeal to voters:

Dear Voters & Friends

I am deeply committed to the rule of law, applying it fairly and impartially, treating all participants in the court process with dignity and respect. I recognize each person’s case, at that moment, is the most important case in the court system. When I proudly and humbly took the oath of Office I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin. I appreciate my obligation to apply the laws as they are written not as I or anyone else thinks they should be. I have faithfully adhered to this duty in deciding thousands of cases during my judicial career.

I have owned a home in Cedarburg for 32 years and know that one of the most important functions as a Circuit Court Judge is to keep our community safe. The Police Chiefs of every community in Ozaukee County as well as Ozaukee County’s sheriff have recognized my efforts in this regard and support my re-election as Judge. I will be honored to have your continued support and your vote on April 2nd.

Presiding Judge, Ozaukee County

Tom R. Wolfgram
I don't buy the impartiality stuff.

Wolfgram blew it when he signed that petition.

Without question, Joe Voiland is the better candidate for Ozaukee County Circuit Court judge.

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