Friday, March 22, 2013

Leno and Jokes For the Other 50% of Country

I completely disagree with Matt Drudge's tweet that Jay Leno "dared to entertain and offer jokes for the other 50% of country."

Yes, some Leftists may object to Leno's rare Obama jokes and are eagerly awaiting his departure.

As a conservative, I am cheering Leno's departure because he has veered so far to the Left, trashing the Right on a nightly basis.

He does it all the time, and not only in his monologues. Leno recently has brought in a line-up of Leftists in his second guest spot to help him trash Republicans. We get NBC "News" personalities up the wazoo, spewing their Leftist drivel. Not long ago, Leno gave Piers Morgan a spotlight platform to lobby for gun control. Way too much Leftist propaganda for me.

Here are some of Leno's "jokes for the other 50% of country" from Thursday's show:

JAY LENO: Well, here's a big controversy with the History Channel's mini-series The Bible. Well, it seems the actor playing Satan bears an uncanny resemblance to President Obama. You know, this isn't the first time the president's been portrayed as the devil. FOX News does it every single day. This is not new.

And Congresswoman Michele 'Nutball' Bachmann back in the news -- She has attacked what she calls the Obamas' lavish White House lifestyle. She says they spend too much money on perks and things like a dog walker. That turns out to be totally not true. The Obamas do not pay someone to walk their dog. Joe Biden does that job every day for free.
This was followed by a clip of Obama being heckled during a speech in Israel. The tape showed the heckler to be Donald Trump.

The next joke:

LENO: Well, after losing two presidential elections in a row, the Republican Party has outlined a plan to attract minorities. It's called 'Operation Pretend We Like 'Em.'
Not funny, in my opinion. Not entertaining. Not a grain of truth.

No joke Leno told mocked Obama or his policies, but he obviously did slam Republicans.

I think Drudge is living in the past, when Leno was more fair.

While Leno will occasionally throw in a joke that zings Obama, without question, Leno's monologue is not fair and balanced. He does not offer many "jokes for the other 50% of country."

Thursday night, Leno did do a gag about Nancy Pelosi endorsing a new, highly caffeinated coffee, showing a container with her face, eyes bugged out. That and the Biden swipe were the only so-called jokes involving Democrats. Those don't remotely balance out with Leno's attacks on Republicans.

Leno is still telling stale Mitt Romney jokes. Then again, "It Guy" Jimmy Fallon is, too.

Bottom line: Drudge is wrong.


UPDATE: Right bemoans possible Jay Leno exit.
Could Jay Leno become a new conservative hero?

In the bitter and gossipy duel between Leno and NBC (the “Tonight Show” host is set to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon, according to reports), some see political fallout in Leno’s fall from grace.

“Left cheering Leno exit typical, he dared to entertain and offer jokes for the other 50% of country. Unacceptable in ‘New America’…” tweeted Matt Drudge this week in the wake of news of Fallon’s ascension. And Jezebel touched on Leno’s rough relationship with the coastal elites, describing him as “Middle America’s favorite late-night host.”

Fox News’ “The Five” speculated, if slightly in jest as is the show’s wont, that Leno was suffering for his barbs against President Barack Obama.

...Perhaps conservatives will be cheering when they hear this - Leno could land at Fox.

...Matt Towery wrote on the conservative Town Hall website that Leno – despite being a liberal – is like “Barry Goldwater” when compared with David Letterman.

"...I know that Jay Leno, like most on network TV, is a self-proclaimed ‘liberal,’ but I could care less. Next to David Letterman, he looks like Barry Goldwater,” Tower wrote.

Towery described Leno as an “equal opportunity offender” comic, who doesn’t back away from poking fun at Democrats when it’s warranted.

“The critics generally hate Leno, because to them he’s too much a part of ‘average’ America. He doesn’t have the endless—and I mean endless — sarcasm of Letterman and actually refrains from attacking people. He’s not cutting edge. He’s too much the apple pie American. Oh and he’s too funny to a majority of Americans,” Towery wrote.
This is driving me nuts.

If Leno is a "conservative hero," then conservatives have terrible judgment when it comes to choosing heroes.

I don't think these commentators watch past the monologue. They really don't know what they're talking about. They don't know how much Leno has changed since his return to NBC as host of the Tonight Show.

I never tune in to watch Letterman anymore. He's been a nightmare for over a decade. I can't stand him. It's kind of sad because I really used to enjoy him, but those days are long gone. I know he's an insufferable lib. He's cruel. He's horrible.

But Leno is not the person being portrayed in the media right now. This idea that Leno offers conservative stuff, even middle-of-the-road stuff, is ridiculous.

On the conservative-liberal spectrum, Letterman would out lib Leno; but Leno is no conservative hero.

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