Friday, March 22, 2013

Assembly Bill 54: Early Voting in Wisconsin

It is a totally legitimate effort to make voting uniform throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Hours of in-person absentee voting should not vary from locality to locality.

That's fundamentally unfair and potentially a way to disenfranchise people based on where they live.

It's wrong.

Of course, Leftists like Tom Barrett, utter failure as mayor of the decaying city of Milwaukee and three-time gubernatorial loser, object to Assembly Bill 54. They're crying voter suppression.

I say it's voter suppression to allow only certain areas greater access to early voting.


From FOX 6 News:

A bill introduced in Wisconsin’s Assembly would cut the amount of time voters can cast ballots early for an election. The idea is not sitting well in Milwaukee, and on Tuesday, March 19th, Mayor Tom Barrett and others called it “unjustified.”

Some say it levels the playing field, but others say it attacks a person’s basic right.

“The problem apparently to some Legislatures is too many people are voting in areas that support people of not of their party,” Mayor Barrett said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and other community leaders don’t support Assembly Bill 54 — a bill that limits a clerk’s office to take in-person absentee ballots Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Rep. Duey Stroebel (R – Saukville) is one of the authors of the bill, and calls it a common sense bill. He says the measure would make absentee voting hours uniform statewide.

“What this bill is geared toward is fairness and equality,” Stroebel said.

Opponents in Milwaukee see it as a power play from the right, and feel it disenfranchises minority and college voters.
That's ridiculous.

College students and minorities can vote during the same hours as other citizens in Wisconsin. It's crazy to claim otherwise.

If Barrett and his Leftist brethren want longer hours, including weekends,  for voting, then all Wisconsinites should enjoy that convenience.

There is nothing unfair about MAKING VOTING FAIR FOR ALL.

Good grief!

I fully support Stroebel's bill and I encourage Wisconsin voters to contact their representatives and demand the passage of legislation that prevents people in certain areas from having extended voting opportunities that others lack.

This really is a no-brainer.

Of course, it should be fair.

On election day, polls are open in the state for specified hours. The same should be true for early voting.

Anything other than equal voting opportunity for all throughout the state is unjust.

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