Thursday, April 25, 2013

Peggy West - Ethics Violations

Calling John Chisholm, calling John Chisholm...

Time to lauch a massive John Doe investigation. Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Peggy Romo West engaged in activities that have landed others in the middle of a firestorm.

(Yes, Peggy Romo West is the same Peggy West that got national attention for not knowing that Arizona shared a border with Mexico.)

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The Milwaukee County Ethics Board found that Supervisor Peggy Romo West committed two minor ethics violations in 2011, according to records released by the board this week.

Romo West violated a ban on using her office to campaign by wearing a campaign T-shirt while riding in a county vehicle in a Labor Day Parade, the board found. In addition, she violated ethics rules by posting campaign-related messages on Facebook while at the courthouse.

The board agreed to dismiss the complaints, based on Romo West's agreement at a closed hearing last September to refrain from any future incidents.
"MINOR" ethics violations?

Engaging in this sort of online political activity on the taxpayers' dime is not minor, at least that's what we were told by Democrats, including the miserable failure mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett.

West's punishment: Promise not to do it again. Creat a new Facebook account.

Say what???

As part of the deal dismissing the complaints, Romo West agreed to maintain three separate Facebook accounts - one for her campaign; one for her County Board job; and a personal page. She also agreed "not to post any information to any site regarding campaigning while on county time," according to the Ethics Board action.
This really is an embarrassment.

Of course, West is a pro at embarrassing herself, but it's also a terrible embarrasment in terms of the John Doe investigation/witch hunt.

The West violations didn't take three years to resolve. All she had to do was promise to maintain three separate Facebook accounts.

That's not even close to what happened to Scott Walker supporters and aides charged with similar activities.

With all due respect, we know West is a dim bulb. So? That's no excuse.

Why not hold her accountable in the same manner exercised when those related to Walker were involved?

Bottom line: West received an inappropriate slap on the wrist for her ethics violations; OR West received an appropriate "punishment" and the victims (yes, victims) of the John Doe investigation received unduly harsh treatment.

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