Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bob Donovan and Barrett's MPD Overtime Math

Bob Donovan doesn't make Tom Barrett's job any easier. Donovan confronts Barrett with what he may fear most-- the truth.

Donovan released the following statement about Barrett's plan to add $500,000 for police overtime in response to the slew of shootings plaguing the city:

I almost fell off my chair last week when I heard the mayor comment, “We need more boots on the street.”

However, I choose to remain optimistic that perhaps the mayor is finally getting it; after all, some of us have been saying it for years. His proposal to add $500,000 for police overtime is certainly a step in the right direction – but only a step. We need a much more comprehensive long term plan to address this problem – as I’ve said in the past, one modeled after New York City. While I have concerns about burning out officers, and tired officers making mistakes, I will support the overtime initiative.

If however we are expending $500,000 for more overtime, if we are asking the Governor and the State of Wisconsin to match it, and if indeed we need more boots on the street (which we do!) why are we still furloughing officers? Does it make sense to pay one officer overtime who may potentially be filling a position of an officer furloughed on straight time?

It doesn’t make sense to me.

I don't know why Bob Donovan is the only city leader pointing out this stuff, but I'm glad he's here doing it.

Bottom line: Barrett is not doing a good job. Milwaukee needs a new mayor.

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