Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bob Donovan to Scott Walker: 'HELP'

Alderman Bob Donovan has had enough and he's not going to take it anymore.

Donovan is continuing his efforts to save the city. That means acknowledging the fact that Mayor Tom Barrett is a dismal failure. It's unacceptable to ignore the violence and bloodshed.

On Monday, Donovan wrote a letter to Governor Scott Walker, requesting a city-state partnership to address the violence crippling Milwaukee.

Donovan holds Barrett accountable. The buck stops with him.

Unfortunately, Barrett has been unwilling or unable to effectively tackle the violence.

Alderman Donovan said he counted 12 shootings reported in the city during the weekend of July 26-28, and at least 14 shootings (with two fatalities) during this past weekend.

In the letter, Alderman Donovan states: “Milwaukee has, indeed, become a “tale of two cities.” On the one hand, the city’s beautiful lakefront and RiverWalk, world-class museums and cultural attractions, and prosperous East Side and near-downtown neighborhoods are the envy of any city, capable of impressing governors from across the nation. But just beyond those sites, attractions and neighborhoods lies a completely different Milwaukee, a broad and expanding swath of neighborhoods that are crime-ridden, dysfunctional and a serious burden on the city as a whole.”

Read the entire letter.

In short, Donovan is focusing on matters vitally important to the quality of life in Milwaukee. He's being a better leader than Barrett.

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