Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brett Hulsey: Triathlon, Red Convertible, Campaign Funds

This is State Representative Brett Hulsey, DEMOCRAT.

(H/t Mark Belling.)

(Photo: Focal Flame Photography. Race organizers of this triathlon arranged to make it a "FocalShare" event.)

Wow. Not good. Really, really bad. Nauseating.

Aside from the trauma of seeing the creepy Hulsey in a Speedo as he competes in a triathlon, there is more reason to be disturbed by Hulsey's behavior.

DEMOCRAT Hulsey, a man with aspirations to be governor, used campaign funds to buy a red convertible and to pay to participate in the triathlon.

First, the convertible:

What do legislators hope to buy with the money they are constantly working to raise?

Those in competitive races spend much of it on staff, direct mail, yard signs and commercials. They also reimburse themselves and staff for travel expenses, such as gas and lodging, when taking campaign-related trips.

State Rep. Brett Hulsey, D-Madison, used $1,200 to buy himself a 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet, a convertible he proudly showed me when I ran into him at the Capitol in June.

On his most recent campaign finance report, Hulsey described the expense as a “convertible car for parades.”

In an email to Government Accountability Board administrator Jonathan Becker, Hulsey asked whether the purchase could be considered a legitimate campaign expense.

“Lots of people go to parades in convertibles but I don't have one,” he wrote. “(I) am looking to buy an old one for $1000 to use for that and campaigning. “

Becker responded the arrangement sounded fine.

Reached by phone, Hulsey compared his convertible to the van Russ Feingold used to campaign for U.S. Senate in 1992.

No. A parade-mobile is a lame excuse. This is a misuse of campaign funds.

Second, the Pardeeville triathlon:

Critics are questioning a state lawmaker’s use of campaign funds for a used convertible and a registration fee for a triathlon.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said Assembly Democrat Brett Hulsey paid almost $1,200 for his red convertible, and $85 to take part in the Pardeeville Triathlon on July 6th.

The Madison lawmaker has been criticized the past couple years for taking photos of an unfamiliar boy at a beach, bringing a box cutter to his Capitol office for protection, and bringing a muzzle-loading rifle onto the Assembly floor.

Now, Hulsey tells Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice that he justifies the use of campaign funds for a car because he drives it in parades in his district. Hulsey also said the triathlon was meant to reach out to constituents, even though the event was 35 miles from his district.

Hulsey said he got clearance from the Government Accountability Board to use campaign money for his convertible – something the board would not confirm.
Again, an idiotic excuse.

Hulsey is not reaching out to his constituents by participating in a triathlon 35 MILES FROM HIS DISTRICT.

What an embarrassment!

Hulsey is a very creepy Democrat.

Put some clothes on!


Daniel Bice said...

You should be careful using that photo, Freedom. The photographer is charging $200 for its use. Links are OK, but use of the picture itself is not. We went back and forth with the guy before and after I broke the story.

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