Sunday, August 18, 2013

Graeme Zielinski's 3rd Drunk Driving Arrest: Mug Shot?

Show me the mug shot.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel STILL refuses to report online that former spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Graeme Zielinski was arrested for his THIRD drunk driving offense.

(I can't speak to what appears in the print version of the newspaper since we cancelled our subscription over 6 years ago. Time flies.)

While Zielinski's record is ignored, this THIRD arrest does warrant attention from the Journal Sentinel:

The Journal Sentinel even displays Patrick Coffey's mug shot, but Graeme Zielinski gets a pass altogether.

That's not right.

Surprisingly, TMJ4 does have the Zielinski story on its website. It's very brief. Most of the page is a large photo of Zielinski, NOT his mug shot. He doesn't look drunk.

JEFFERSON - There's new trouble for former state Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski.

Court records show he was arrested for drunk driving in Jefferson County.

Records indicate it is his third drunk driving offense.

He resigned from the Democratic Party earlier in 2013.

He came under fire after comparing Governor Scott Walker to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
That blurb is more than what FOX6 has - NOTHING.

WISN-TV 12, like FOX 6, has NOTHING on its website.

I also couldn't find any mention of Zielinski's arrests on the CBS 58 site.

Given Zielinski's high-profile role in Wisconsin politics, it's inexcusable to disregard his THREE arrests.

It's time for the Journal Sentinel to run this story, complete with a big, color mug shot of DEMOCRAT Zielinski.

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