Monday, August 19, 2013

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Reports Graeme Zielinski's 3rd Drunk Driving Offense


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has NEWS!

Did you know Graeme Zielinski, former spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, has three drunk driving arrests?

That could have been reported by the Journal Sentinel days ago, but it wasn't.

Finally, the Journal Sentinel succumbed and reported the story.

The online article is ridiculously brief. It's inadequate. It includes no mug shot.

Former state Democratic Party spokesman Graeme J. Zielinski is scheduled to go before a Jefferson County Circuit Court judge Sept. 5 on a charge of third-offense drunken driving, online court records show.

Zielinski, 40, was arrested June 2 in Jefferson County and hit with the misdemeanor charge. He also was cited for driving a non-registered vehicle in the incident, according to court records.

Zielinski, of Milwaukee, lost his party spokesman job earlier this year after he posted messages on Twitter in which he compared Republican Gov. Scott Walker to serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.
Why was Zielinski driving a car with expired Texas plates in June 2013?


Why did it take so long for the Journal Sentinel to report the story of Zielinski's drunkenness and his THIRD arrest for driving while intoxicated?

One reason we cancelled our subscription to the Journal Sentinel was the poor quality of the reporting.

It seems protecting DEMOCRAT Zielinski was higher on the JS agenda than providing the public with information in a timely fashion.

Why subscribe to the paper?

Still waiting for Zielinski's mug shot.

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