Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NAACP and the Rodeo Clown

The controversy about the rodeo clown donning an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair has become ridiculous.

He's been BANNED FOR LIFE from performing at the Missouri State Fair.

Apparently, that's not enough punishment.

From Breitbart's Big Government:

On Tuesday, the Missouri State National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) issued a statement asking for federal involvement in the case of a rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask and then asked the crowd if they’d like to see Obama run down by a bull. “The activities at the Missouri State Fair targeting and inciting violence against our President are serious and warrant a full review by both the Secret Service and the Justice Department,” said State President Mary Ratliff. “Incidents involving individuals acting out with extreme violent behavior in movie theaters, schools, churches, political appearances, and outdoor events in general speaks volume to the irresponsible behavior of all the parties involved with the incendiary events at the Missouri State Fair.”

Ratliff went on to condemn the state’s funding of the State Fair: “our Legislature has failed to support Medicare Expansion in Missouri, has consistently attempted to dismantle our Human Rights Commission, fail to adequately fund urban schools -- (who) are predominately African American -- yet they are subsidizing the Missouri State Fair to the tune of $400,000; we are calling for the subsidy to stop...[Governor Nixon's] planned Pancake Breakfast for Thursday should be his 'Last Supper' at the Missouri State Fair in response to the racially intolerant attacks on his Commander in Chief."
The NAACP's statement is far more buffoonish than the rodeo clown's behavior.

So the state shouldn't assist in funding the fair, something that promotes agriculture and business in Missouri, because of something a rodeo clown did?

That's absurd. It's idiotic.

The NAACP is a joke.

Where is the NAACP's statement regarding the violence and murder committed by African Americans in places like Chicago and Milwaukee? Where is the NAACP's statement about the African American victims of the African American criminals?

Violence and murder occur on American streets daily.

Where's the NAACP's concern about that behavior?

Who knows?

The death toll rises as the NAACP rants about a rodeo clown with an Obama mask.

The organization is demanding a federal investigation into a misguided performance by a RODEO CLOWN.

It's preposterous.

This entire controversy is an embarrassment. It doesn't deserve anywhere near the attention it's getting.

The priorities of the NAACP and other Leftists are screwed up, royally.


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