Friday, September 27, 2013

Harry Reid: Medical Device Tax 'Stupid'

Harry Reid regrets telling the truth about ObamaCare's medical device tax.

He says it's stupid.

Of course, he's against repealing the stupid tax.

He's a Democrat.

Video from Weasel Zippers, via Mark Levin:

Reid "clarified" his revealing remarks:

Clarifying comments he made earlier Thursday, aides to Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) said that he does not agree with the idea of repealing a tax on medical devices used to fund the new federal health-care law as part of a short-term spending measure to fund government operations.

At his weekly news conference, Reid called the tax itself "stupid," but later his spokesman, Adam Jentleson, sent an e-mail clarifying the senator's comments.

"Senator Reid thinks the idea of attaching the medical device tax repeal to the CR or the debt ceiling is ‘stupid,'" Jentleson said. "Senator Reid supports the medical device tax, and his position is clear from his record: he voted for the medical device tax in the Affordable Care Act and against repealing it during the budget debate earlier this year. His position has not changed, and the Senate will reject any CR that includes a repeal of the medical device tax. If the House wants to avoid a Republican government shutdown, they should pass a clean CR. Period.”
Such idiocy!