Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adrian Peterson's 2nd 'Secret Child'

Adrian Peterson found out recently that he fathered a son.

The first time Peterson saw his son was in the hospital when the 2-year-old was on life support after being beaten. The child died last Friday. Peterson first saw him last Thursday.

Sorry, that's not cool. Not at all.

It is tragic that an innocent toddler was beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend, a domestic violence repeat offender. Without question, Joseph Robert Patterson, the alleged killer, is a very bad guy.

It should also be noted that Adrian Peterson isn't a very responsible guy. He obviously engages in unprotected sex. He's in his 20s and he has fathered children with several women.

The murdered "secret child" was the sibling of another "secret child."

From TMZ:

Adrian Peterson fathered a 4th child -- his 2nd secret child -- and the mother was a waitress at a popular Minnesota nightclub, TMZ has learned.

We've confirmed ... the child is a 3-month-old little girl who's living with her mom in Minnesota.

Sources close to the situation tell us the child's last name on her birth certificate is listed as "Peterson."

On the day Peterson's 2-year-old son Ty passed away, the mother of AP's 4th child posted an emotional message on her Facebook page about the situation.

"Today has been a long day finding out my [daughter's] brother passed away and knowing that she never even got to meet him."
I'd say the odds are pretty good Peterson has more "secret children."

Peterson is fathering children but not being a father to them.

That's not good.

And we're supposed to be impressed that Peterson played in Sunday's game, after enduring the tragedy of losing his son? We're supposed to be impressed by Peterson's courage?

Give me a break!

He was a stranger to his 2-year-old son. THEY NEVER MET.

There's absolutely nothing courageous about Peterson's behavior.


UPDATE: He's Fathered 7 Kids ... Not 5