Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Malcolm X Academy Building Sold to 2760 Holdings LLC

The sudden "sale" of the vacant Malcolm X Academy building by Milwaukee Public Schools reveals just how desperate the MPS Leftists are to keep children trapped in their failing school system.

From FOX6 News:

During a meeting on Monday night, October 14th with the city of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors voted to authorize the administration to ask the city to sell the vacant Malcolm X Academy building to 2760 Holdings LLC for $2.1 million — and part of the deal allows Milwaukee Public Schools to lease it back.

...Additionally, FOX6 News has learned 2760 Holdings LLC is a company comprised of two main partners.

This deal comes with some very specific terms that may have ousted St. Marcus Lutheran School from the running in the very beginning.

St. Marcus had expressed interest in purchasing the former Malcolm X Academy building in order to expand St. Marcus — which is currently at capacity.

The decision to sell seemed to have been decided within minutes on Monday night, but MPS’ vision for the vacant building was there for some time.

...Although the building is being sold for $2.1 million, a lease back is part of the agreement. MPS will pay $1 million a year to the buyer.

Callaway says the term is actually an advantage for MPS — seeing how 2760 Holdings LLC is upgrading the facility so MPS can fulfill the community’s needs.

However, Monday night’s decision comes as a blow to St. Marcus Superintendent Henry Tyson.

“We feel like it`s a really disappointing decision on the part of MPS. They`ve essentially said ‘no’ to one of [th]e highest performing schools in the city — ready and willing to open another campus in a building they`ve allowed to sit vacant for six years,” Tyson said.
This "sale" is a disgrace.

"Although the building is being sold for $2.1 million, a lease back is part of the agreement. MPS will pay $1 million a year to the buyer."


Taxpayers' dollars are being pissed away. Yes, that's something MPS has mastered, but this "sale" is beyond the pale.

MPS will pay $1 million a year to 2760 Holdings LLC for BUYING the property!

This is an abomination. It really is.

MPS would do anything to keep the Malcolm X building from being used by St. Marcus Lutheran School, a thriving, positive presence in Milwaukee.

Someone must be held accountable for this insane "sale."

What's really sad is that MPS is bent on preventing children from getting a good education.

It's stuff like this that makes hardworking, taxpaying people leave Milwaukee. Why stay and fund corruption and dysfunction?


Here's video of the story from FOX6 News: