Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mary Burke, Democrat Challenge to Scott Walker

Mary Burke, Democrat, is running for governor of Wisconsin.

What about Tom Barrett?

It doesn't seem right to have a gubernatorial election without Tom representing the Dems.

Oh well.

From USA Today:

Democrat Mary Burke announced her campaign for Wisconsin governor Monday, emphasizing job creation and her roots in the state as she aims at GOP incumbent Scott Walker.

...Burke, a former Wisconsin Commerce secretary, was an executive at Trek, the bicycle company founded by her father that employs nearly 1,000 workers in the state. She's the first Democrat to announce a campaign to take on Walker, whose push to end collective-bargaining rights for most state workers drew national attention on him and Wisconsin politics.

The Journal-Sentinel says Burke "becomes the instant Democratic favorite" in the 2014 governor's race.
I'm very happy with this "instant Democratic favorite."

Not familiar with millionaire liberal Mary Burke?

Learn about her here.

"For many years, I spent money on things because I could, not because it brought me more happiness."

--Mary Burke