Monday, October 28, 2013

Memphis Fire: Dead Boys and Aunt's Food Stamp Card (Video)

Charlie Sykes discussed this shocking story on his radio program this morning.

Three years ago, there was a house fire in Memphis that resulted in the deaths of a 3-year-old boy and a 2-year-old boy. Their mother and aunt left the toddlers in the house unattended.

From LibertyNEWS:

Multiple news outlets are covering the anniversary because the victim’s aunt was videoed expressing more grief over possibly losing her food stamps in the fire than she showed over the loss of the children.

According to local radio station, HOT 107.9, relatives eventually located the aunt’s purse and found the food stamp Electronic Balance Transfer (EBT) Card which concerned her more than the tragic loss of life.
Here's the video:

The fire trucks are still on the scene and the boys' aunt is speaking to media about her PURSE being inside the burned out house. She's concerned about her FOOD STAMP CARD!

Her reaction to the fire is jaw-droppingly horrific.

It's positively outrageous, completely lacking even an ounce of compassion. It's one of the most selfish displays I've ever seen.

The little boys' aunt is speaking to a reporter about her fears for her PURSE.

Is this what career government dependency does to a person?

Perhaps she suffers from a mental illness. Maybe she chose to abuse drugs and alcohol throughout her lifetime and she has brain damage. Another possibility is that she has no depth of feeling for anyone, no love for her nephews or their mother, no respect for life at all. Me, me, me.

I don't know what's behind the aunt's statements, why her main worry would be that her purse may have been lost in the fire, why she takes no responsibility and feels no guilt whatsoever for the deaths of the very young children after she left them alone in the house.

She knew two little boys were trapped during the fire, but her food stamp card was more important, her main concern.

It's sick.