Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Obama: The Product Is Good

In his remarks on the problems with the ObamaCare rollout, Obama repeatedly reassured Americans that "the product is good."

What "product"?

Of course, Obama and the Democrats didn't produce anything but a monumental mess.

Moreover, the process is an integral part of Obama's "product" and the process is an unmitigated disaster.

Nonetheless, Obama kept telling us "the product is good."


"So the fact is, the product of the Affordable Care Act for people without health insurance is quality health insurance that's affordable. And that product is working. It's really good. And it turns out there's a massive demand for it."

"So let me just recap here. The product is good."

"Precisely because the product is good, I want the cash registers to work, I want the checkout lines to be smooth, so I want people to be able to get this great product."

"So here's the bottom line. The product, the health insurance, is good. The prices are good. It is a good deal. People don't just want it; they're showing up to buy it."
Obama's main point: THE PRODUCT IS GOOD.

Sounds kind of weird, doesn't it?

Many had the same reaction.

From Twitchy:

I never thought a president of the United States would be trying to convince the American people that "the product is good."

It's sounds funny because it's so lame, but it's really not funny at all.

It's creepy. It's scary. It's dark. It's a nightmare. It's ObamaCare.