Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ron Johnson and Mark Levin


Ron Johnson and Mark Levin are having quite a contentious discussion right now, at the latter half of the first hour of Levin's radio program.

Listen live for the rest of the interview at the top of hour two, or hear it on Levin's podcast.

The last time I heard Johnson in a conversation like this Hillary was yelling at him about Benghazi.

Johnson says he didn't come on the show expecting to be met with an Inquisition.

Levin is really dumping on Johnson. He seems to be taking out his anger with Republicans on the Wisconsin senator. Not exactly fair. Levin is being a bit disrespectful and condescending.

A very tough interview.

Levin said he wanted to end on a nice note. It didn't happen.

The interview ended with Levin really yelling at Johnson, saying 46 Republican senators should have stood up to Harry Reid.

Levin said we need to follow the Ron Johnson strategy to defund ObamaCare. "When you figure it out, send it to me."

After the interview when Johnson was off the air, Levin spoke to his producer.

MARK LEVIN: Whew, I don't know if he'll be back, Mr. Producer. I think I was being polite, wasn't I?
I don't know about that.

Listen via The Right Scoop.

Here's the interview, via The Daily Caller.

Here's a portion of the interview, including the conclusion:

Listening to the interview again, Johnson did continually interrupt Levin. So, I guess there was a lack of "politeness" from both men.

This was a very heated exchange.

Obviously, Levin is frustrated with Republicans. I am, too.

Still, after decades of suffering with Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold as my representatives in the Senate, I'm glad to have Johnson there.