Friday, November 15, 2013

Ashanti Hendricks - 'Darn Good Kid'

Ashanti Hendricks is a young man, 22 years old.

He's already determined his career path: CRIMINAL.

From WISN 12 News:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said a call came in at 11:59 a.m. of a shooting on the seventh floor of the hospital, which houses the neonatal unit.

Milwaukee Police Department Chief Ed Flynn said two police officers were in the building because a call indicating there was an armed man in the hospital.

The man was 22-year-old Ashanti Hendricks, who was wanted on a warrant. WISN 12 News learned the warrant was for failure to appear in court. Hendricks had pleaded guilty to felon in possession of a firearm.

Clarke said officers located Hendricks in the Neonatal Progressive Care Unit on the seventh floor and was holding an infant. Clarke said police officers informed the Hendricks he was under arrest. Clarke said he then put down the infant and initially went with them.

Then, Hendricks started to struggle with the officers, Flynn said. That is when the officers saw he had a semiautomatic pistol. He escaped from the officers' grasp and ran down a hallway. When Hendricks turned on the officers with the gun, one of the officers shot him twice in the arm, forcing him to drop the pistol, Flynn said. The man continued to run, but after a struggle on the ground, he was taken into custody.
Did Hendricks really think that he would successfully escape?

Not too bright.

More about Hendricks, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Hendricks' father, Sidney Dickerson, said the baby, a few months old, is Hendricks' only child.

Although Hendricks has had issues, he is "a darn good kid," said Dickerson, who works for the VA in Madison. He questioned why police would serve a warrant in a children's hospital.

"Why would you go do that in a hospital?" he said.

Hendricks currently does not have a job, Dickerson said.
So Dickerson thinks police used poor judgment.

If his son is such a "darn good kid," why not serve a warrant in the hospital?

Surely, this "darn good kid" would cooperate with authorities.

By the way, police didn't go to the hospital to serve the "darn good kid" with a warrant. They responded to a call for help.

Check out the "darn good kid's" list of darn good accomplishments.

Vicki McKenna posts Hendricks' criminal record.

Criminal record of career thug who shot at cops today at Childrens Hospital:

Ashanti L. Hendricks, M/B, 05/29/91

2006 Armed Robbery MPD Juvenile

2008 Felony Probation Violation MPD

2009 Poss w/Intent to Deliver (No Process) Probation Violation MPD

2009 Poss w/Intent to Deliver MPD Convicted

Felony Bail Jumping Convicted

2009 Felony Poss of THC MPD Convicted

Probation Violation

2011 Felony Poss of THC MPD Convicted

2012 Operating Veh w/o Owner's Consent MPD Charge Issued

2012 Felon In Poss of Firearem MPD Charge Issued

Felony Poss of THC MPD Charge Issued
"Darn good kid."

That's not the way I see it.

Hendricks is a thug. He's not a victim. He's a criminal, a danger to the public.

He didn't injure or kill anyone at Children's Hospital on Thursday. Thank God. But he did cause a great deal of trauma for young patients at the hospital, their families, and staff.

The reality is violent thugs like Hendricks, lots of them, do walk among us. Scary, but true.

Now Hendricks is off the streets and in custody, at least for a while.

That's good, darn good.