Friday, November 15, 2013

Kathleen Sebelius in Milwaukee Friday

Kathleen "Whatever" Sebelius is in Milwaukee today.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will visit Progressive Community Health Centers' main clinic at 3522 W. Lisbon Ave. on Friday to promote the Affordable Care Act and encourage people to sign up for coverage on the insurance marketplace.

Sebelius's visit will come after a groundbreaking ceremony for a 42,000-square-foot clinic that will replace the health center's 8,500-square-foot facility. The new clinic, projected to cost more than $10 million, is being funded partially by a $5 million grant through the Affordable Care Act.

From FOX6 News:
Sebelius will help people to enroll via and will show workers tools that can help with enrollment.

From FOX 11:

Her visit comes the same week the federal government announced disappointing enrollment numbers in the month since the problem-plagued website was launched. Even though 700,000 Wisconsin residents were expected to shop for coverage through the exchange, only 877 managed to get all the way through and select a plan as of Nov. 2.
Why is the Obama White House staging this Sebelius appearance in Milwaukee?

This stunt will accomplish nothing but waste taxpayer dollars and loads of jet fuel.

It's a complete and utter waste.

Are the Democrats afraid they're losing Wisconsin because of the ObamaCare disaster?

They should be concerned, but Sebelius showing up here won't do any good. How could it possibly make a difference? Why bother?


It will be interesting to see which Wisconsin Democrats up for election in 2014 are at the event.

You'd expect gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke to attend. She should want to get cozy with an Obama cabinet member, right?

Does Burke support ObamaCare?

She must, but she doesn't seem to want to declare her allegiance to the horrific, oppressive, disruptive LAW that Obama is rewriting at will.

Bottom line: Sebelius should not be in Milwaukee to promote the mess that is ObamaCare.