Thursday, November 14, 2013

Children's Hospital Shooting

Is Children's Hospital a gun-free zone?

Are signs posted at entrances that no weapons are allowed?

I don't know.

If so, a man apparently didn't abide by the rules.

From FOX6 News:

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office and Wauwatosa Police Department responded to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin around noon on Thursday, November 14th for an apparent “active shooter” incident.

A law enforcement source confirms to FOX6 News that a “wanted person” was shot and wounded by police at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The source also says the subject is in custody and all police are okay.

FOX6′s Myra Sanchick reports there was a “wanted” person in the building and that shots were fired. Those shots were apparently fired by an officer — and the suspect was shot and wounded. Officials say the suspect is indeed in custody.

Children’s Hospital said in a statement, “Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is currently on lockdown while law enforcement responds to a report of an active shooter. We have implemented our emergency protocols and will provide updates as available.”
No one was injured except the bad guy.

Obama is not on his way. No political opportunity here.