Wednesday, November 20, 2013

George W. Bush and Jay Leno (Video)

George W. Bush was Jay Leno's guest on Tuesday's Tonight Show.

Leno invited President Bush to be on the show, not assuming he would accept the invitation.

I'm so glad he did.

It was all so pleasant. Leno was welcoming and respectful and generally very nice.

President Bush was relaxed and funny. There was no pretense, no forced "cool" by President Bush.

There also was almost no politics. President Bush said he doesn't believe a former president should criticize a sitting president.

At the end of the first segment, after talking about the President's relatively new hobby, painting, he presented Leno with an original he painted for him, a portrait of Leno. What a thoughtful gesture! Leno was geniunely grateful. How many entertainers have a portrait painted by a former president of the United States?

Very nice.

After the first commerical break, Laura Bush joined them. She is such a classy woman.

They talked about President Bush's heart surgery, their wedding anniversary, and their granddaughter. They thanked Leno for appearing at an event they held in Dallas for wounded vets.

After the next commerical break, President and Mrs. Bush discussed their work in Africa to promote women's health, as well as Mrs. Bush's work with women in Afghanistan.

When President Bush was in office, he did so much for causes in Africa. That's something that the liberal media didn't care to acknowledge. President Bush was and continues to be an advocate for people in Africa.

Leno showed a clip from one of their visits to Africa. President Bush was dancing with women at the opening of their clinic there. Very funny and down-to-earth. It was clear President Bush can laugh at himself.

It was wonderful to see President and Mrs. Bush again.

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