Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kathleen Sebelius: Miami ObamaCare Event (Video)

ObamaCare baby steps?

Obama and the Democrats are responsible for a LAW that rips out the health care system rug from under the feet of a country of 314 million people.

Baby steps to fix the mess are thorougly inadequate and utterly unacceptable.

Video of Kathleen Sebelius at an ObamaCare event in Miami:

Oh, my God!

I don't know how Sebelius can trot out there and keep a straight face as the ObamaCare website crashes again and again. She displays a creepy, robot-like attitude.

I wonder what she says in private about ObamaCare. What is her demeanor when the cameras aren't on her? Does she acknowledge the disaster, or, like her boss Obama, does she just hang out in the bathroom and sing?