Thursday, November 7, 2013

Leno: Obama, ObamaCare Jokes, November 6, 2013

JAY LENO: President Obama saw Gravity today-- not the film, his poll numbers. Not good. Latest polls show president Obama's approval rating down to 39 percent, and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's approval rating went up to 49 percent. How does this make Obama feel? He'd been better off smoking crack than passing ObamaCare. It would've been up 10 points. It would've been 10 points higher.

Have you noticed the president backtracking a little bit on this whole deal? Like at a fundraiser earlier this week, President Obama said, no, no, no, what he promised was that you could keep your health care plan if it hasn't changed since the law had passed. You know, he's such a good speaker, he almost believed it himself. And then his pants caught fire. That's when I knew, when I saw, when the pants caught fire.