Saturday, November 16, 2013

Leno: ObamaCare Jokes, November 16, 2013

JAY LENO: According to a report released just today, over a million people in California are losing their health insurance due to ObamaCare. I can't believe that. A million people losing their health insurance? There's not a million people in California who have car insurance. How does that work? I've yet to meet anybody!

Well, President Obama, as you know, apologizing for this whole health care debacle. He said today,
'We fumbled.' That's what he said. 'We fumbled.' You know, a fumble is a turnover. That can happen to anyone. This is more like, 'We told everybody we were good at football, we actually really suck at football.' I mean that's closer.

Listen to this: Although President Obama asked health insurance companies to allow people whose current health care plans were cancelled to renew them for a year, the insurance companies don't have to allow them back. So here's your choice: You rely on the brains of the White House or the compassion of the insurance companies. Either way you're screwed. You're screwed either way.

Oh, I love this. On CNN, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said she's one of the millions of Americans who lost their health insurance. The good news for Bachmann is under ObamaCare, lunacy is considered a preexisting condition. So, she's OK. She's OK.