Monday, November 18, 2013

Martin Bashir and Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has suffered more abuse from Leftists than anyone else in recent memory.

However, among the attacks and smears over the years, Martin Bashir's comments about Sarah Palin stand out as stunningly over the line considering they were made by him on his MSNBC daily program.

I know no one watches MSNBC. Its ratings are abysmal. A boycott of MSNBC is pointless. One can't stop watching what one does not watch. Still, when one learns of specific instances of hate being spewed on that network, one should speak out against it. It's hard to imagine but MSNBC does have sponsors for Bashir's program. You don't have to watch MSNBC to let his sponsors know that you object to Bashir's personal War on Women.

From TruthRevolt:

As TruthRevolt reported on Friday evening, Martin Bashir of MSNBC suggested that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin deserved to have someone “p*ss” and “s***” in her mouth thanks to her comments comparing the racking up of the federal debt to enslavement of future generations.

While Bashir waxed repulsive over former Palin’s statements comparing the deficit to enslaving future generations, he has made similar analogies in the past. As Newsbusters has reported, Bashir actually compared “a pledge on upholding traditional marriage” to slavery. Here’s what he said: “Next, the problem with promises. Did two Republican hopefuls really sign a pledge suggesting a return to the days of slavery?" He added, “it sounded like to me something of a Freudian slip that this organization does believe that African-American children were better off if their parents were slaves."

When Bashir makes a slavery comparison – or when Joe Biden does, or Hillary Clinton does – then it’s no big deal. But when Sarah Palin suggests that dooming those who do not exist to pay off the debts of others against their will is enslavement, then Bashir has no problem suggesting that someone should urinate and defecate in Palin’s mouth.
Here's video of Bashir's vile remarks:

MSNBC gives Bashir a daily forum. The network actually pays him to say this stuff.



TruthRevolt is fighting back with a petition effort.

Aimed against any other woman, a statement like [Bashir's] would result in widespread outrage - not only from the so-called feminist left, but from all reasonable Americans. The host would find himself bereft of sponsors and almost certainly his job.

But unless MSNBC and the sponsors of this sexist pig are publicly shamed, we can expect absolutely no punitive response.

Please join us in telling MSNBC to Stop the Sexist Bashir by signing the petition below, tweeting using hashtag #StopSexistBashir, and contacting Bashir's sponsors to let them know they shouldn't be signing checks to sexists like Bashir.

UPDATE: Bashir apologizes.