Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christine Sinicki, Facebook, and Scott Walker

Last night, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker delivered his State of the State address.

DEMOCRAT Rep. Christine Sinicki posted her reaction in real time on Facebook.

While Gov. Walker was speaking, Sinicki shared her thoughts, writing on the Internet, for all the globe to read: "OMG...this speech is so full of s*it. Wish I could get up and walk out."


I'm not.

From WSAU:

Sinicki really didn’t want to be in the Assembly chamber during the Governor’s State of The State speech, and she made that clear posting to her Facebook page while the Governor spoke. As Governor Scott Walker spoke, Sinicki typed, “OMG...this speech is so full of s*it. Wish I could get up and walk out.” and “Bottom line..the rich get richer and the poor and middle class continue to get kicked in the butt.” She continued with, “When are we going to have a real discussion about the cuts to education, throwing people off of unemployment insurance or cutting medical benefits?”

Sinicki began to post what appears to be damage control statements at around 11:00 p.m., saying, “For the record, my post about the SOS address was not about Walker, it was about his speech. Thanks so much for all of you who have my back on this one. I realize sometimes I have very strong feelings on these horrible Republican policies that have sent our state spiraling in the wrong direction. I will not apologize for my remark, but I will apologize for swearing. As a Democrat I can no longer sit back and allow the majority party to silence my voice. We have spent this entire session being threatened and bullied by (Speaker Robin) Vos.
Sinicki is not Internet savvy.

She doesn't seem to understand that she gave EVERYONE access to her remarks.

What did she think was going to happen?

It's funny that Sinicki wrote she wished she "could get up and walk out."

After all, that is the Wisconsin Democrats' way. They flee. They cross the border. They run away.

Rather than posting such trash on Facebook, Sinicki would have been wiser to go to YouTube and watch funny cat videos until the Governor was finished if she couldn't handle his address.

As an elected official, she should realize that her Facebook comments are public record. People will hold her accountable for her public statements, and rightly so.

Her spin, her effort to backtrack, her attempt to defend herself, are laughable.

The Milwaukee Democrat claims to be getting support along with the criticism. Another Facebook post says, “Also, for those of you who have sent nasty private messages I would like to point out that in the last 3 hours I have received far more positive public comments and over 25 friend I guess that puts you in the minority.” Then, “Oh..and one more thing,to those of you who sent private messages I will not waste my time responding. My original comment wasnt personal it was about policies..the right wingers who sent me personal messages with nasty name calling are the ones that should apologize, especially the Republican staffer who called me a tw*t.”
Oooooooh! "Nasty private messages."


I don't allow comments on this blog because I got sick of the vile slurs hurled routinely by Leftists.

Sinicki doesn't appear to get that she's part of the Internet incivility she's whining about now.

Bottom line: Sinicki disgraced herself with her crude language and disrespectful comments on a public forum. I hope she learned a lesson: Think before you post.