Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pope Francis and Leftists

The Leftists, like Graeme Zielinski, disgraced former spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, drool over Pope Francis. Yeah, they got religion.

On Twitter, I've seen Zielinski attack Catholic Republicans, like Paul Ryan, accusing them of being hypocrites and bad Christians.

It's so unseemly, but Zielinski continues to present himself as a man of great faith.

What's odd about these Leftist worshippers of Pope Francis is that this pope's message is the same as his predecessors.

Both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II called for people to care for the least among us. They both called for an end to violence and promoted peace.

Pope Benedict embraced the poor, sick, and weak. In 2008, he visited the U.S., a trip marked by many dramatic, moving, and joyful moments. However, since Pope Benedict was never the darling of the Leftist media, his trip didn't garner the positive press it deserved.

Read: Pope Benedict Blesses the Disabled and Their Caregivers.

Of course, Pope John Paul spent a quarter century serving God and caring for God's children, but the Leftists want to forget that. They act as if Pope Francis has transformed the Church. Not so.

Let's be realistic. Let's talk substance rather than get caught up in media hype and a cult of personality.

Leftists like Zielinski love to sing the praises of Pope Francis as a means to accuse Catholic Republicans of being bad Christians. I'm waiting for those Leftists to embrace the message of Pope Francis when it comes to the sanctity of life.

When will they acknowledge that they stand in complete opposition to the great Pope Francis when it comes to accepting the personhood of the unborn?

I think it's wrong for the Leftists to claim to embrace Pope Francis while still clinging to their total adoration of abortion.