Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bob Costas Pink Eye #2

Trooper Bob Costas had succumbed to Pink Eye.


Bob Costas announced Tuesday morning on Today that his eye infection, which has since spread to both eyes, will force him to miss Tuesday night’s primetime performance. (The vodka shot with Mary Carillo apparently didn’t help.) Today host Matt Lauer will replace him.

Poor Bob Costas.

His infected left eye hasn't improved and now his right eye is red and swollen, too.

Both eyes are problems now. That was my assessment when I did my nightly check on his condition.

From FOX Sports:

Bob Costas is off to a tough start at the Sochi Olympics.

We're not talking about his duties as the primetime host of NBC's Olympics coverage.

We're talking about his health.

Last week he explained to viewers that his right eye was red and swollen due to a case of pink eye.

Well, it appears he's now having a problem with both eyes as this is how he looked Monday night:

On the bright side, the symmetry of his two red, swollen, watery eyes is sort of less distracting than this:

Well, not really.

I hope all vistors to Costas' Fortress of Solitude studio bathe in Purell afterward.

When Gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg was interviewed by Costas in the studio, there was a fist bump or a handshake or something between them. I'm not sure, but there was contact. I thought that wasn't a good idea. Pink Eye is very contagious.

I feel like I'm being exposed to it just by watching him.

Costas must be very uncomfortable, but he's plowing ahead in spite of the Red Menace.