Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Obama: 'I Can Do Whatever I Want'

King Obama, Lord and Master.

From the Weekly Standard:

President Obama "quipped" today during a visit to Monticello with the French president, "That's the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want."

Via the pool report:

At 4:45 POTUS and president Hollande walked out from a portico and strolled in Front of your pool with Leslie Bowman, president of the Monticello Foundation. Looking at a terrace she said that Jefferson loved to admire the landscape from there. POTUS said that he'd like to take a look and seemed delighted to "break the protocol".
"That's the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want" he quipped, walking to the terrace with his guest and Ms. Bowman. Pool now in the mansion as the leaders will come and visit Jefferson's study.

The comment came around the time the White House announced it would be delaying the Obamacare mandate for some businesses unilaterally.
Remember when we used to be a nation of laws, not men?

I do.

Obama cannot do whatever he wants.

So, why are we letting him trample on the Constituion?

The guy is out of control. I'm sick of the silence from our elected representatives. Why are they permitting his abuse to continue?