Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Christine Sinicki: Arrest Warrants

Rep. Christine Sinicki, DEMOCRAT, is wanted by the St. Francis Police. Two warrants for her arrest were issued April 8, 2013.

From Media Trackers:

As was first reported on Tuesday afternoon by Milwaukee radio host Mark Belling, state Rep. Christine Sinicki (D) has two outstanding warrants in the City of St. Francis according to court documents. Records obtained by Media Trackers from the City of St. Francis, a suburb of Milwaukee, show the municipality issued two arrest warrants for Sinick on April 8th of 2013.

St. Francis Municipal Judge Peter C Hemmer signed the warrants that read in part:
NOW, THEREFORE, you are hereby commanded to arrest said, Christine M Sinicki , and bring him/her forthwith before said Court to answer unto said City and to be dealt with according to law; and you are commanded to give due notice of said arrest to the Clerk of the above-named Municipal Court.
The warrants are for operating a vehicle after revocation/suspension of registration and operating a vehicle without insurance. St. Francis Police confirmed that neither warrant has been executed yet.
Sinicki certainly makes a lot of "honest mistakes."

Good grief.

Sinicki shouldn't be that hard to find. Why issue warrants if they aren't meant to be executed?

Media Trackers has copies of the warrants here.