Saturday, February 22, 2014

Graeme Zielinski - David Clarke Smear, Twitter Rant

Democrat Graeme Zielinski, former spokesman for the Democrat Party of Wisconsin, is back on Twitter smearing Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, as well as all Republicans. It's Saturday rant of epic proportion.


Self-professed Catholic Zielinski is casting lots of stones here.

If I were to take to Twitter and repeatedly call Zielinski an utterly irresponsible person and a three-time arrested drunk driver, that wouldn't be a smear. It would be completely true and thoroughly substantiated.

But, I don't see the point in such persistent attacks.

Zielinski's attacks on Clarke and other conservatives are flat-out bizarre. No happy, healthy person throws out claims like that as a nearly daily routine. It's weird. It's unprofessional.

It's like Zielinski is being paid to be a jerk.

I wonder what sort of "research" Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele hired Zielinski to do.

Is it a $10,000 Twitter gig?

Given Zielinski's bizarre behavior, I think "Mr. Moderate" Abele should explain his connection to the vitriol spewing Zielinski. Abele's silence on the matter leads one to question the purpose of the $10,000 job.


UPDATE: Zielinski's Twitter rant continued throughout the day and into the night.

Why did Abele hire this guy?