Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mark Pocan: ObamaCare Kills Jobs, Increases Bedtime Stories

This is embarrassing.

Wisconsinites sent Democrat Mark Pocan to Washington. They gave him a seat in the House of Representatives. They elected a guy who thinks being out of work is a good thing.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, ObamaCare will kill 2.5 million jobs. But that's not necessarily bad, in Pocan's world.

“What that means is instead they might be able to tuck their child in bed at night and read a bedtime story, or go to an activity, which means they’re better off,” he said at a House Budget Committee hearing on Wednesday. “At least that’s how it is in my part of Wisconsin.”
Better off?

That's ridiculous.

Being out of work is actually a blessing?

No, that's not how it is in any part of Wisconsin, Mr. Pocan.