Monday, February 24, 2014

Seth Meyers and Joe Biden: Late NIght (Video)

Tonight, Seth Meyers, proud Leftist and Obama sycophant, takes over as the fourth host of Late Night.

Seth Meyers' first guests: Amy Poehler and Joe Biden. Yes, that would be the vice president of the United States.

Oh, good grief!

Biden is on the show's premiere!

The White House appears to be way too cozy with the NBC late night lineup.

We've already been treated to a week of Jimmy Fallon, as the new host of The Tonight Show, including the embarrassing Michelle Obama guest appearance.

Fallon has done a week of monologues with no jokes about Obama. NONE. On Friday's show, Fallon did a series of jokes about Chris Christie but still NONE about Obama. Five monologues - nothing zinging Obama. NOTHING. His political material has completely given the Democrats a pass, other than a tiny swipe at Joe Biden wanting to watch the Lego movie.

This from the guy who promised on his premiere show, "I'll make fun of everybody. Anyone I can make fun of I will."


Now, joining NBC's late night programming we get Seth Meyers, unabashed Leftist.

Meyers' record as anchorman for Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" is not one of balance. He readily admits to being a shill for Obama. He claims it's hard to make fun of Obama because he's so smart!

Audio here.

Seth Meyers can be funny and likable, but he can also be annoyingly snarky. Some of his SNL stuff was cringe-worthy, like his Polish jokes. That's right - POLISH jokes.

NBC needs to take a look at its audience, the one loyal to Jay Leno, keeping him at #1 in the ratings for 20 years.

Balance, not polarization, is the key to success.



The first Late Night with Seth Meyers was a bit uneven. Doing a monologue is more than reading jokes off of cue cards. It's conversational. Meyers needs time to adjust.

Here's video of the cold open:

Here's video of Joe Biden acting: