Friday, March 14, 2014

Chief Ed Flynn: Murder Charges Not Motive

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn called Charlie Sykes' radio program this morning, to address issues related to the assault and double shooting that resulted in the deaths of two individuals.

Flynn said it would violate the law for him to say whether or not the victim, the maintenance man, had a valid concealed carry permit. That's why he didn't share that information with the public. Flynn sort of mocked concealed carry permit proponents, saying the ones so interested in the law aren't interested in following that aspect of it.

I have to admit I really never paid attention to the source of information on crime cases, in terms of the legal or illegal possession of a weapon. However, it seems to me that we often hear about an individual committing an alleged crime with a stolen gun or a gun illegally obtained.

As far as the charges in the double shooting case, Flynn said there is probable cause for the arrest of the maintenance man. Flynn said the charges, first degree intentional homicide, don't deal with motive. In other words, there is no judgment based on self-defense when it comes to the charges. The maintenance fired the gun that killed two people. Even though Flynn said during his Wednesday news conference that the maintenance man was apparently acting to defend himself, he said self-defense is not a "get out of jail free card."

Another thing that Flynn told listeners was that the maintenance man, on advice from counsel, was not speaking to police. Of course, on Wednesday, Flynn said the maintenance man was cooperating with police. According to Flynn today, the man never provided an official statement. He has not been interviewed. That's news to me.

Flynn's remarks about the charges and motive prompted me to think about all the co-sleeping deaths in Milwaukee.

Since motive isn't a factor when it comes to charges, I would think all the parents/caregivers who smother a baby as a result of putting that innocent child in an unsafe sleeping environment would be charged with first degree intentional homicide.

They, of course, walk, and are not held accountable.

Something is very wrong there.