Thursday, March 27, 2014

Graeme Zielinski, Paul Ryan, and Pope Francis

Leftists, like Graeme Zielinski, are pathetic.

They exploit Pope Francis to further their political agenda.

For example, Zielinski frequently takes to Twitter to embrace Pope Francis as a Leftist and to degrade Paul Ryan, a Catholic, accusing him of being a bad Christian.

This is extremely offensive to me as a life-long practicing Catholic.

Pope Francis is not a political prop, but the Leftists use him like one.

They're slobbering over the upcoming meeting of Obama and Pope Francis.

It bothers me that these same Leftists ignore the words of Pope Francis when it comes to the sanctity of life. They act as if the Pope supports abortion. Note to Leftists: The Pope does not consider the slaughter of the unborn to be "health care."

Pope Francis would not approve of this:

Unlike Obama, Pope Francis does not consider human life in the womb to be a "punishment."

I doubt Pope Francis would approve of Obama's legal battle with the Little Sisters of the Poor.

I'm sick of the Leftists putting blinders on when it comes to Pope Francis.