Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jimmy Fallon: Boehner, McCain, Ukraine Jokes

Jimmy Fallon's monologue remains a safe zone for Obama.

Fallon's "jokes" about Obama actually target Republicans. Obama is untouched.

JIMMY FALLON: Here's what people are talking about - a little drama out of Washington. Yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner referred to Vladimir Putin as a 'thug,' then called on President Obama to stand up to him. This is sort of like throwing your drink at a big guy at a bar and then be like, 'My friend here will take care of you. I personally wouldn't mess with him.'

He's not the only one going after Obama.... Yesterday, Sen. John McCain said that the situation in the Ukraine is the result of a 'feckless foreign policy' by the White House, a 'feckless foreign policy.'

...That's right, McCain said it's the result of Obama's 'feckless foreign policy.' Then Obama was like, 'What the feck did you say about my foreign policy?'
It's Obama's responsibility to get tough with Putin. Boehner is assessing the situation, but it's not his role to deal with Putin.

Joking about McCain's use of the term 'feckless' completely ignores the reality of Obama's weakness and disastrous foreign policy.

If Fallon is going to do such lame political jokes, I'd rather he not do anything political at all.

On his first Tonight Show, Fallon told his audience, "I'll make fun of everybody. Anyone I can make fun of I will."

It's time for Fallon to actually mock the most powerful guy in the country, the president. What's edgy or amusing about sucking up to authority?

Once upon a time, the president of the United States was the most powerful guy in the world.


Once upon a time, late night hosts made jokes about the president.