Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tim Carpenter Claims Misquoted by JS

This is a bizarre article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - "Carpenter defends self for comments that outraged Republicans."

So, Carpenter says he was misquoted when he said that Mary Lazich "hates Milwaukee, she hates the poll workers, she hates that blacks and Latinos are coming out..."

The Journal Sentinel seems to agree that it misquoted Carpenter.

At the time, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel incorrectly quoted part of Carpenter's attack, reporting that he said that Lazich "hates the blacks and Latinos who are coming out."

...In an email to the Journal Sentinel, Carpenter said that "the Journal Sentinel misquote completely changes the meaning of my comments."

In brief statements to a reporter at the Capitol, Carpenter said he wanted an apology from both the newspaper and Farrow and then cut short the conversation by walking away.

"You've really put me in a bad light," he said.
Carpenter claims the Journal Sentinel quoted him incorrectly.


Why would the Journal Sentinel state that it "incorrectly quoted part of Carpenter's attack" without clarifying what Carpenter actually said?

It's terrible reporting. Terrible.

What did Carpenter say?

The Journal Sentinel must know or why issue the admission that Carpenter was incorrectly quoted?


Come on, Journal Sentinel. Get your act together.