Saturday, May 10, 2014

Courtney King, FOX6 News: 'Sexy' Brewers Win

Courtney King is a sports anchor/reporter for Fox6 News.

After the Brewers beat the Yankees tonight, she tweeted the following:

That's weird.

I don't want to read that.

So from now on, if we watch King on channel 6, we'll associate a two out rally with her sexual arousal?

What if Tom Pipines tweeted, "Nothing sexier than a ladies Wimbledon match point"?

That would be creepy.

Posting something on Twitter isn't the same as talking to friends and making a silly comment, heard by a few people. It's a very public statement. King's remark went to all her Twitter followers, roughly 2,100 people before retweets.

Courtney King

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FOX6 Sports Anchor/Reporter. Midwest Gal. *Shoes, Bags, & Baseball* Opinions are my own but should be yours too.. Continue to be a fan of the game!

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Does King want to be taken seriously as a sports anchor/reporter?

If so, King needs to think before she tweets.


UPDATE: King deleted the tweet. Good idea.

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