Saturday, May 10, 2014

Michelle Obama Address: 'Outraged and Heartbroken' (Video)

What do I do when I'm outraged and heartbroken?

I certainly don't post a photo of myself on Twitter holding up a stupid sign.

Watch Michelle tell the American people what "Barack" has done to address the abduction of more than 200 girls in Nigeria:

This is ridiculous. Michelle is talking about education for girls and the risks they take to pursue their dreams, refusing to allow terrorists to derail them.

Michelle is talking about education being important to the girls' future. She tells American kids not to take their education for granted, not to slack off.

I think Michelle is a bit off base in this address or plea or whatever it is. NOT ONCE in her remarks does she mention the fact the girls in Nigeria were targeted because they are Christians. This is about religion and the radicalism of the Islamists.

That's a big part of the story.

The message Michelle and "Barack" are sending: We're feeling bad about this. When is the next fundraiser? Do we have a gala?


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