Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mike Dawson and Cyberbullying: Hate Mail

I'm documenting my years-long experience with Mike Dawson, cyberbully.

Mike Dawson makes it his mission to harass, mock, degrade, and abuse me.

He's a Leftist.

Mike Dawson disagrees with me when it comes to politics, etc. For some reason, he can't handle it when I express my opinions and exercise my First Amendment rights. So, he brutally attacks.

Why do Leftists demand silence from their opposition? Why do they use these tactics?

Some allegedly tolerant Leftists aren't tolerant at all.

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Here's a comment Mike Dawson posted on this blog:

[Note: Rather than using his name or choosing a nickname for his post, Mike Dawson would attach a message to an empty link, such as "" Example here.]

On Sunday, October 13, 2013 7:24 AM, "Over a week & you are still blocking reader comments" wrote:

Over a week & you are still blocking reader comments has left a new comment on your post "Leno: Government Shutdown Jokes, October 2, 2013":

10/13/13: it's been over 10 days since your last "blog" posting that included a "comment button" for readers to leave their 2-cents worth - or respond in any way to your racist radical right-wing-nut rants. Even that insertion of a comment button was rare - almost as rare as any reader feedback published on this so-called blog. My hunch is you got sick of reading the hate-mail or counter-punches and rebuttals from readers like me, so you just stopped accepting feedback. Yours is such a waste of a "life". No wonder virtually everyone who knows you - hates you or at least, wants nothing to do with you. You are evil.
"Yours is such a waste of a 'life'."

That is what Mike Dawson wrote to me early on a Sunday morning last October.

He chose to use his time that Sunday to write hate mail. In my opinion, that is a waste.

It should be noted that Mike Dawson does not know me. Nonetheless, he concocts bizarre scenarios, making weird comments about my family and those closest to me.

It should also be noted that if each day I published one of the hate-filled, bullying emails or blog comments that Mike Dawson sent to me, it would take well into the next decade to get through them all - THOUSANDS.

I, of course, have no intention of doing that. However, it does lend perspective in illustrating the degree of Mike Dawson's cyberbullying.

One more example of Mike Dawson's cyberbullying:

On Saturday, August 17, 2013 6:23 AM, Weekly Review from you know who wrote:

Weekly Review from you know who has left a new comment on your post "Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel, August 14, 2013":

weekly summary: a few days ago your "blog" had 2 published comments from readers plus two anonymous posts - in violation to your own policy...the first published feedback in weeks - and you have received none since. Pathetic.

You are such a worthless human being...I just hope you continue these attacks on regular people. You have become one of the lightening rods that drives normal, thinking, caring persons fleeing away from the Republican party. Most folks do not want to be associated with wing nutz like you have experienced in your various circles of life. At home even your spouse wants to leave you. At work your co-workers avoid you. Neighbors bring their kids indoors whenever your person is seen waddling about. The real question most folks must have is why are you spared from counter attacks? Why someone has not stepped up and put a stop to you. I'm hoping Getty Images adds a new level of complexity and frustration and expense to your otherwise pathetic life (see my previous email if you're not following me).

Really creepy. It is intimidating. It's disturbing that an adult would engage in this sort of behavior, relentlessly harassing someone he doesn't know. Again, this is just the tip of the Mike Dawson cyberbullying iceberg.

What's the point of this exposé?

Cyberbullying is real, and it can be very, very bad. I don't think some people grasp just how bad it can be.

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