Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pat Sajak Climate Change Tweet

The Leftists are so stupid.

They don't know when they're being mocked.

The Leftists flipped out over this tweet from Pat Sajak:

I found Pat Sajak's "climate change" tweet amusing, not the least bit controversial.

He's joking about the insanity of the global warming alarmists and their unhinged attacks on people who understand the reality that the climate has been changing and Earth has been warming and cooling FOREVER.

Leftists didn't get it.

An example is found in Jimmy Fallon's Wednesday night monologue. He addresses the "controversy" beginning at 1:18.

I think it's funny that the Leftists don't realize they are the loons.

TIME shouts, "Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Backtracks From Climate-Change Tweet."

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak went into damage-control mode on Wednesday after a tweet that said people who believe in climate change were "unpatriotic racists" caused uproar. He now says he was parodying the name-calling directed at climate-change skeptics.

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak claims he was just joking when he tweeted on Monday that only “unpatriotic racists” subscribe to climate change.

...However, Vice pointed out that Sajak has mocked climate change in the past, and regardless of his apology netizens fired back with their own tweets and parodies of Wheel of Fortune in response to Sajak.
No. Sajak isn't backtracking. He's explaining. The Leftists were too stupid to realize that he was poking fun at them.

It is so lame to suggest that because Sajak has "mocked climate change in the past," he was really calling the climate change crusaders "unpatriotic racists."

Good grief.

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