Thursday, May 22, 2014

VA Scandal: Obama Transition Team Knew In 2008

Before Obama took the oath of office and became president in 2009, his transition team was told about serious and potentially deadly problems at the VA.

From the Washington Times:

President Obama’s transition team was warned in 2008 that repeated audits showed the Veterans Affairs Department was misreporting wait times for medical treatment, including one audit revealing delays nearly 10 times worse than the department was officially acknowledging.

The situation was so bad that the inspector general said it stopped trying to police the issue until the VA could prove its information was accurate — raising a red flag for the transition team, according to documents obtained by The Washington Times.

The documents, obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request, show the problem extended back to at least the middle of the Bush administration but remained unresolved when Mr. Obama won election in 2008, and the VA was unable to say this week whether it ever took any steps to correct the problems.

According to the documents, the VA inspector general told the Obama transition team of three audits dating back to 2005 that revealed significant problems with wait times and scheduling.

One of those audits showed an instance in which the department reported 2,900 veterans waited more than a month for medical appointments. The actual figure was closer to 28,000 veterans, according to the auditors.
Obama has been in office over 5 years and we're supposed to allow him to blame the previous administration?


Obama needs to cut the crap and stop snivelling.

This is HIS scandal. It's his disgrace.

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