Monday, May 19, 2014

Tom Barrett and Mary Burke: 'I'm In'

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, three-time candidate for governor and three-time loser, is encouraging Wisconsinites to support Democrat Mary Burke.

Here's Barrett's "I'm in" email:

Dear Friend,

I’m in.

Together, you and I have fought hard for our great state and now I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Team Burke.

As a business leader and former Secretary of Commerce, Mary is committed to finding solutions that work. She knows how to create jobs and grow our economy – she has balanced a budget and met a payroll in the private sector – and will focus on bringing people together to solve the challenges we face in Wisconsin.

Mary’s grassroots support is growing rapidly across the state, but we need you with us too. Will you add your name to her map of supporters now and show that Wisconsin is behind Mary all the way?

Click here to unite with thousands of other Wisconsinites by joining Team Burke.

Mary knows how to apply her experience creating jobs in the private sector to our government, focusing on what entrepreneurs and small businesses need to start up and grow.

At Trek, Mary helped the company grow to nearly 1,000 employees right here in Wisconsin. As Secretary of Commerce, she helped small businesses start up and businesses of all size grow. Wisconsin had more jobs about the unemployment was almost a third lower than it is today.

Wisconsin needs Mary Burke, and right now she needs us too. I hope you’ll unite with us and add your name to the map today!

Click here to join Team Burke to show our grassroots strength!



P.S. We need your family and friends on the map too! Please forward them this email right away so they can join us.
This email is not good.

"Wisconsin had more jobs about the unemployment was almost a third lower than it is today."


I wonder how much campaigning Barrett plans to do for Burke.

Maybe this is it.

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