Sunday, May 18, 2014

David Letterman and Monica Lewinsky

David Letterman feels bad about mocking Monica Lewinsky.

It took Lewinsky's Vanity Fair article for Letterman to realize that she had been humiliated by comedians.


Letterman isn't too smart.

I wonder if Letterman regrets the pain he has caused other people with his constant attacks, like Sarah Palin.

Is his regret just reserved for Lewinsky?

I don't know why he'd say he feels bad about what he did. It makes him appear clueless and careless.

Perhaps Letterman's personal experience with his sex scandal makes him more sympathetic to Lewinsky. Maybe he has "War on Women" guilt.

I don't think Letterman deserves any credit for his alleged concern for Lewinsky, feeling bad about the role he played in humiliating her.

Did he just grow a conscience?

His words are empty.

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