Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Scott Walker's 'Unelectable Whiteness'

Alec MacGillis owes me and many of my fellow Wisconsinites an apology.

The accusations he makes in his column in The New Republic, "The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker," are really unconscionable.

He states that Walker's political rise is based in racial inequality and segregation.


That is absurd.

Philip Bump, blogging for the Washington Post, buys the MacGillis argument, too.

It's not surprising that "The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker" would make sense to Leftists. It reflects their views.

Conservatives, including those in Wisconsin, are racists.

We're dolts who receive our marching orders from local talk radio hosts Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling.

Scott Walker, for his part, needs Sykes and Belling to survive. Without them, he's lost.


That's insulting.

MacGillis and like-minded Leftists are clueless as to what's happening in Wisconsin, and what's happening in the country.

There are divisions. There is polarization in Wisconsin, just as the country is polarized. But it's not a racial thing and it's not because of conservative talk radio.

There is a genuine ideological divide.

Leftists don't want to go there.  They're afraid of the arena of ideas. They refuse to acknowledge that people can be sincere in embracing conservative principles and candidates promoting those principles.

Leftists think our opposition to their approach must be rooted in racism or some other nefarious "ism" because it simply can't be about the actual substance of their beliefs. It's as if they can't comprehend the existence of a different opinion, let alone it's legitimacy.

So, what they do is smear.

They're about the cult of personality. Without that, they have nothing.

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