Thursday, July 17, 2014

Illegal Immigrant Children Housed in Milwaukee

"Temporary housing" for 300 children for 120 days?

Yeah, right.

If all these children were living in such deplorable conditions in their home countries that their parents actually abandoned them and sent them to ANOTHER COUNTRY alone, why wasn't Catholic Charities tending to their needs before this drastic move?

Why the exodus now?

And when will the exodus stop?


What is our government doing?

Shipping children to Wisconsin because they were sent to the U.S. by their parents to require us to assume responsibility for them?

It's insane.

Who came up with the plan to send 300 kids to Milwaukee? Who is behind this? Why Milwaukee? Why 300? Why not 1,000? Why not 10,000?


This has never happened before in our country, not on this scale, not in such a chaotic fashion.

In the past, people adopted children from poor countries. People donated to charities to help suffering children and give them better lives in their home countries. We didn't encourage them to be ripped from their parents and shipped here without an orderly process in place.

This is not a good plan. It's no plan at all. This creates far more problems than it solves.  There's no reason to feel good about accepting these children.

What about all the children living in hellholes across the globe? Tough luck if you're on the wrong side of the ocean, kids! Losers!

Will caring for the children forced by their parents over our border really be a sign of our compassion and greatness as a nation?

Aren't there millions and millions of kids in need? Don't they matter?

I don't think housing these kids in Milwaukee is solving the "humanitarian crisis" Obama created.

Don't these children miss their parents? Do the parents expect to join their kids shortly?

Governors across the country, including DEMOCRAT governors, are not cooperating with the Obama administration's plan to dump the children in their states.

Will Scott Walker voice an objection to dumping hundreds of children in Wisconsin?

He should.

If he's interested in being a national leader, he can't afford to be silent on this one. Walker is up for election in November. I don't think he can afford to tick off his supporters. 

Since Obama did away with the southern border of the U.S., I wonder if he plans on erasing the borders of the states. Borders, shmorders.

Would Walker expect Wisconsinites to foot the bill of education and health care and housing for Illinois citizens?

Just let Illinois children pour into the state and have the Milwaukee Archdiocese find empty schools to use as shelters for them.

Is that a reasonable plan?

The answer is NO.

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