Friday, July 11, 2014

Obama Doesn't Care About American Children

Why is it acceptable for Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to dump their children in the United States? Why is it OK for children from those countries to be sent to drain the resources of our country?

The governments of those countries have stringent guidelines and severe restrictions when it comes to permitting individuals to come and live there.

Dan O'Donnell reports that those countries would not be willing to simply take in and care for Americans if we would show up at their borders.

Just How Hard is it to Legally Move to Honduras?

Moving to Guatemala

Moving to El Salvador

I think Obama should pressure these countries to stop sending their children to the U.S.

He should use his damn phone and his damn pen and secure our borders and protect the American people.

He should care about the diseases and the criminals that he's welcoming into our country.

Obama always says he will act if Congress doesn't.

So why is Obama failing to address the open borders crisis that he created?

Suddenly, the imperial president is powerless.

What a crock!

Obama is a terrible president, worse than Jimmy Carter.

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