Friday, July 11, 2014

Jimmy Fallon: Rick Perry Joke

JIMMY FALLON: President Obama was in Texas yesterday to address this immigration crisis. And get this-- Texas Governor Rick Perry said he wasn't gonna greet the president when he arrived at the airport. He made like a big deal about it. And then Governor Perry finally caved in and in fact did go meet the president when he landed. But I thought this was a little petty. Look at this photo:

It's disrespectful. The man is the president. It's rude! It is so rude!

So instead of ripping Obama for the crisis he created on what once was the border of the United States, Fallon mocks Rick Perry.

Obama went to Texas to "address this immigration crisis"?

Really? That's news to me. Does Obama address a crisis by fundraising after playing pool and drinking beer in Colorado? Leading from behind a cue ball?

Fallon's monologue didn't include ANY jokes making fun of Obama, not one.

Enough with the stale Rob Ford crap.

For half a century, The Tonight Show monologue included jokes about the president. That was just standard stuff.

But now, nothing. It's insane. Fallon's monologue would be nonexistent without Rob Ford and Chris Christie. The monologue really, really sucks.

By the way, the show got an Emmy nomination for writing.

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